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Inwestment in development

Why MiAPP?

The strategic goal of each company, regardless of its size, turnover and type of business, is to make money. The company's position is always determined by the relationship between the two main economic parameters: revenue and expense. For manufacturing companies, the key issue is to minimize production costs without sacrificing the quality of products, or even with its clear improvement. One of the most important ways to achieve this goal is mechanization and automation of manufacturing processes anywhere where it is technically feasible and economically justified.

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About us

We are operating on the market as a family company seated near Bydgoszcz. We have been running our business for several years, expanding successfully business contacts in Poland and across Europe. This enabled us to gain engineering experience in designing production processes, construction of machines and general-purpose devices as well as specialized technical equipment, dedicated to the implementation of specific manufacturing processes of our customers. Our machines are the result of close collaboration with our customers - we focus on meeting their needs in solving problems related to manufacturing processes.

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We offer the services in the range of:

  • 1 design and prodictive peocesses verification 
  • 2 design and manufacture mechines, or control devices

Rewinding machines

Practical rewinding machines is a great help in scrolling cables, and also any different materials. Rebust design and precision in manufacturing makes these appiliances serve their puprose for a long time. Thanks to them, the process can be even faster, which will contribute to improving the operation of the entire company.

Winding machines

Available in our offer winding machines are a great help in winding and developing cables. Certainly will apply to every company, which counts solutions tha optimize the processes. Our equipment is modern, reliable and extremely functional, which have experienced many coustomers.