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Inwestment in development

Why MiAPP?

The strategic goal of each company, regardless of its size, turnover and type of business, is to make money. The company's position is always determined by the relationship between the two main economic parameters: revenue and expense. For manufacturing companies, the key issue is to minimize production costs without sacrificing the quality of products, or even with its clear improvement. One of the most important ways to achieve this goal is mechanization and automation of manufacturing processes anywhere where it is technically feasible and economically justified.

Our company is engaged in design and manufacturing of machinery and technical devices for winding, unwinding and rewinding of cables, electrical and optical wires as well as machines and equipment dedicated to the implementation of the specific processes of our customers, and hence minimizing or even eliminating the work of human hands. These are simple, general-purpose single-operation tools as well as complex, multi-operation automatic machines, controlled by microprocessors, often aided by PC computers in terms of control as well as recording and statistical processing of critical process parameters.

Implementation of advanced manufacturing techniques, despite initial financial outlay, brings quickly significant economic benefits and improvement of health and safety conditions at work. It often enables the acquisition of new, interesting contracts. The use of automated machines and technical equipment can significantly reduce, in a short time, labor costs by workforce reduction. Our experience in manufacturing has shown that labor costs can be reduced by up to 70%.

Think forward - focus on MiAPP.

We offer the services in the range of:

    • Design and validation of manufacturing processes,
    • Design and manufacturing of machinery, devices as well as production and control tools,
    • Design and implementation of modern, automated control systems,
    • Modernization of existing machinery and devices.

Rewinding machines

Practical rewinding machines are a great aid in rewinding cables and similar materials. Robust design and precise manufacturing make these devices capable of serving their purpose for a long time. Owing to them, the process can run faster, which will contribute to improving the activity of the entire company.

Winding machines

Winding machines available in our offer are a great aid in winding and unwinding cables. Certainly, they can be used in each company which takes into consideration the solutions that optimize the ongoing processes. Our equipment is modern, reliable and extremely functional. Many customers have already been convinced about this fact.