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Inwestment in development

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We offer the services in the range of:

    • Design and validation of manufacturing processes,
    • Design and manufacturing of machinery, devices as well as production and control tools,
    • Design and implementation of modern, automated control systems,
    • Modernization of existing machinery and devices.

Rewinding machines

Practical rewinding machines are a great aid in rewinding cables and similar materials. Robust design and precise manufacturing make these devices capable of serving their purpose for a long time. Owing to them, the process can run faster, which will contribute to improving the activity of the entire company.

Winding machines

Winding machines available in our offer are a great aid in winding and unwinding cables. Certainly, they can be used in each company which takes into consideration the solutions that optimize the ongoing processes. Our equipment is modern, reliable and extremely functional. Many customers have already been convinced about this fact.