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Cable and wire prefeeding machine with drumlifting system – MORA 1B

mora1BPurpose and possible applications

The mobile, free-standing device, on running wheels, designed to unwind as well as to feed cables and electrical, optical wires or other similar materials, delivered on wooden or plastic drums, to a cutting or winding machine. The device is equipped with electro-mechanical system designed for lifting and lowering the winding drum, allowing the loading and unloading of the drum without the need to lift it manually.


A welded structure, made of steel profiles, on the running wheels, powder coated in RAL 5017. The unwinding drive is composed of electric motor, whose torque is transmitted to the operating shaft via a bevel gear reducer, and further to the drum by means of quick-acting lock that couples the shaft with the drum. The motor is controlled by a frequency converter; while winding by a foot button, or, while unwinding and feeding the cable to the cutting machine by a potentiometer and metal linear pathway system on puffering arm ( no-stepwise  speed changing system – it provides regularity dimension), which position determines the feeding speed. Buffering system is pneumatic, the ability to change a cable tension. The running wheels mounted on the device enable insertion of the operating shaft into the drum hole and, with the aid of the electro-mechanical lifting system, lifting of the drum to prepare it for the winding process. This system is driven by an electric induction motor, cooperating with bevel gear reducer and feed screw. The motor is controlled by buttons directly from the control panel. The control unit of the device provides the opportunity to program the dynamics of start and stop of rotational motion. The applied electrical overload protection devices, simple and stable mechanical structure, powder coatings and high quality workmanship ensure long-term use in production conditions.

Technical data

  • power supply: AC 400V 50Hz (optional - 230V)
    input power: max 2.0 kW
    empty weight: 125 kg
    overall dimensions: 1100/760/1100 mm
    operating temperature: 0-40 °C
    type of work: continuous operation S1
    rotational speed during winding: 0-120 rpm
    drum diameter: max. 900 mm
    max. drum length: max. 600 mm
    max. drum weight with cable: max. 150 kg (optional - 300 kg)
    drum axial hole: ø60-80 mm
    range of supported external diameter of cables - ø2-15 mm

Related documents

  • Operation and maintenance manual - EN
    EC declaration of conformity (CE mark)
    Certificate of quality of welded joints
    Certificate of effectiveness of neutral earthing

Manufacturer's warranty

The device is covered by the 12 month warranty for correct operation, with the exception of parts subject to natural wear and tear during normal use.


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MORA 1b - cable prefeeding machine - drums up to 150kg/300kg  


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