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Rewinding devices

Excellent support of processes in companies of various business profiles - that is a main advantage of winding machine offered by us. This highly functional equipment features a precise and fast response, simplifying considerably performance of various tasks. Automatic control, intuitive operation and compact design - these are just some of the advantages which characterize our device. The machine guarantees to achieve significant cost savings in your company, ensuring optimization of performed operations.

Manual cable rewinding machine with counter - MORA

Scope of application

A compact, manual free-standing device, designed to rewind and coil cables, electrical or optical wires as well as other similar materials from coils into the coils. A mechanical counter enables length measurement of rewound wire.

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Free standing and mobile cable rewinding machine – MORA 5

mora5 1Scope of application

A series of compact, free-standing and mobile devices, mounted on running wheels equipped with mechanical brakes. The devices are designed to rewind cables and electrical, optical wires or other similar materials from one drum to another with max. weight of 2.5 T, or into the coils by means of a special dismantable coiler. They also allow us to unwind the preset length of cable from drums hung on special racks and stands and wind them onto drums mounted in rewinding machine.

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Mobile cable rewinding machine with printing system – MORA 10

mora10Purpose and possible applications

The mobile, compact device, equipped with support wheels and designed for rewinding of cables and electrical or optical wires, as well as other similar materials from one cable drum to another, weighing up to 150 kg. The device enables operation with programming of the specified cable length and it is adapted to work with the printer EBS-6100, which allows you to perform an overprint on the cable when rewinding. Due to implementation of highly advanced automation solutions in the control system, the winding machine has the ability to wind cables on special cable drums with a conical core, which allows for unwinding the cable without the need of using a feeder.

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