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Manual cable rewinding machine with counter - MORA

Scope of application

A compact, manual free-standing device, designed to rewind and coil cables, electrical or optical wires as well as other similar materials from coils into the coils. A mechanical counter enables length measurement of rewound wire.


The rewinding machine is equipped with a manually operated guillotine. The device is characterized by a simple, intuitive operation and a compact and stable structure, making it very durable and reliable.

Construction and principle of operation

The device base is formed as a steel plate. The unwinding and winding units have a shape of conical cylinders that ensure easy removal and installation of cable roller. The conical elements hang on steel circular elements supporting the cable roller. On the side of the winding unit there is a manual spinning wheel that drives the device. Between the winding and unwinding units, a mechanical measurement unit with length reset function is located. The guillotine is located just behind the guide sleeves. Simple and stable mechanical structure, powder coatings and high quality workmanship ensure long-term use in production conditions.

Technical data

  • empty weight: ~ 30kg
    overall dimensions: 1000/600/400mm
    max. outer cable diameter: Ø15mm
    outer diameter of winding/unwinding cylinders: Ø170mm
    winding/unwinding cylinder height: 200mm
    diameter of winding/unwinding cylinder base: Ø495mm
    max. cable weight: 20kg
    mechanical counting module with reset function

Related documents

  • Operation and maintenance manual
    Meter calibration certificate
    Warranty card

Manufacturer's warranty

The device is covered with 12-month warranty for proper operation.