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Special device for printing identification symbols on steel profiles - MORA 3

General information

Special machine for performing overprints on long steel elements by means of inkjet printer, primarily on steel profiles for telecom cabinets and racks. The device successfully replaces screen printing technology. With this device it is easy to create printedsymbols in printer software. The device offers flexibility, performance and ease of use. It operates in semi-automatic mode with manual loading of profiles.


A frame structure made of aluminum profiles is equipped with a worktable that moves at a constant speed, enabling movement of elements mounted thereon under the printer head. Metal elements, on which overprints are applied, are fastened to the table in a very simple and fast way using magnetic grippers. The worktable, driven by a DC motor with worm reducer and chain transmission, moves on the linear bearings, while its movement is synchronized with printer's automation system by a rotary pulse encoder.


 MORA 3 - special device for printing identification symbols on steel profiles