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Special automatic device for assembly and inspection of solar system connectors - MORA 6

General informations

Special automatic device designed for assembly and inspection of solar system connectors. It allows you to automatically screw the connector housings, after having installed the contacts therein, with preset torsional moment, registered in the memory of the device. It controls the correctness of contact seating before and after screwing, the actual torsional moment, connector tightness after screwing and then marks thermally the correctly screwed connector.


The device creates an on-line SPC control chart and report on process and machine capability (Cpk and Cmk indices). This machine is very efficient, detects and signals 100% of non-compliances. A frame structure, made of aluminium profiles, with rotary pneumatic table and 8 workstations located on its perimeter that perform assembly and control operations simultaneously. The device interoperates with a PC within collection of signals from workstations, motion control and registration of measurement results.