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Table mounted cable winding/coiling machine with integrated counter - MORA 2M

Purpose and possible applications

A series of free-standing table devices, designed to wind cables and electrical, optical wires or other similar materials into coils, with adjustable diameter from 100 to 350mm. Winding machines efficiently wind pre-cut cables or cables fed by specialized feeders. Start and stop of devices is triggered by the START button (operation with length programmer). The machines enable change of winding speed depending on the material to be wound and the winding diameter.


MORA 2m versions are equipped with an integrated counter that makes it possible to program the length of the cable to be wound or pneumatic guillotine that cuts the wound and measured length of material. Owing to the use of electronics in motor control unit, the devices are very durable and reliable. The devices are characterized by intuitive operation and a very simple and stable structure.

Construction and principle of operation

The steel sheet structure, bent, powder coated. The winding unit is driven by an electric induction motor whose torque is transmitted to the operating plate by means of a bevel gear reducer. The motor is controlled by a frequency inverter via  microprocessor-based PLC capable of measuring and programming the preset length of cable to be wound (MORA 2m and 2.1m). Automation control unit provides the opportunity to program dynamics of start and stop of rotational motion. The operating plate is equipped with pins and flexible cable grips, which, through their movement in the radial grooves of the operating plate, set the winding diameter. The devices allow us to rewind with infinitely variable rotational speed, adjusted by means of potentiometer located on the control panel.  An integrated counter enables counting the length of wound cable with and without programming the winding length. In addition, the device can be equipped with a pneumatic guillotine which automatically cuts off the wound cable section (MORA 2.1m). The applied electrical overload protection device, simple and stable mechanical structure, powder coatings and high quality workmanship ensure long-term use in production conditions.

Dane techniczne


MORA 2m (length measurement)

MORA 2.1.m (length measurement + guillotine)

Power supply

230 V / 60 Hz

230 V / 60 Hz + compressed air

Input power

0,35 kW

Empty weight20

18 kg  25 kg 

Overall dimensions

480/435/300 mm

490/435/300 mm

Standart length of winding spools

130 mm

Winding diameter

100 - 350 mm (infinietly variable)

Max. cable outer diameter

Ø10 mm

Rotational winding speed

0 - 140 rpm

Measurement system


Automatic cable cutting - pneumatic guillotine


+ (optional)

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Manufacturer's warranty

The device is covered with 12-month warranty for proper operation.


MORA 2m - table mounted cable winding machine with PLC operation system - NEW!!!

MORA 1b + MORA 2m -  6.11.2013r.

MORA 1b + MORA 2m