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Single Swing Blade Rotary Wire Stripper - Model 70C-S

Model 70C S 1Scope of application

The Model 70C Single Swing Blade Rotary Wire Stripper comes equipped with a P/N 1877 Single Blade Face Plate designed for end stripping a wide range of extruded insulation types. The machine’s rotary blade action provides a clean square strip that leaves the inner conductor strands neatly twisted. With adjustable blade depth, strip length and interchangeable wire guides, changeover from one wire to another is quick and simple. The production rate for most wire types is limited only by the speed at which the wire is fed and withdrawn from the machine. 


The Model 70C Single Blade Rotary Wire Stripper is a production machine that offers optimum efficiency when fully automated equipment is not warranted. This machine comes Standard with a durable Powder Coat Finish, 1 Year Limited Warranty, (1) P/N 1877 Single Blade Face Plate and (1) P/N 1700 Wire Guide of your choice.


The wire is fed into the machine through the wire guide bushing until it contacts the adjustable strip length stop. During this action the wire pushes on the back side of the spring loaded carbide stripping blade, swinging it open. As the wire is drawn out of the machine the carbide stripping blade returns to its closed position, cutting the wire insulation to a controlled depth at the desired preset strip length. Application note: For wires with very thin wall insulation, shielding or non-rigid construction. Please refer to the Model 70C Twin Swing Blade Rotary Wire Stripper, as this model may be better suited for your application.


WIRE SIZE - 0.028“ to .201“ Insulated OD (.7mm-5.1mm)
WIRE GUIDE SIZES - 18 standard sizes 0.028“ to 0.201 (0.7mm-5.1mm)
STRIP LENGTH - 3.00“ max (76.1 mm) Material Dependent
STRIPPING HEAD - 1877 Single Blade Faceplate
BLADE TYPE - 1780 Carbide Blade
BLADE SPRING - 1728 .024
VOLTAGE - 220VAC or 115 VAC 60 Hz. 1.4 Amp
DIMENSIONS - 6.125“ H x 4.75 “ W x 10.75“ D
WARRANTY - 1 Year Limited Warranty
WEIGHT - 2.6kg