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Twing Swing Blade Rotary Wire Stripper - Model 70C-T

Model 70C T 1Scope of application

The Model 70C Twin Swing Blade Rotary Wire Stripper comes equipped with a P/N 2500 Twin Blade Face Plate, which is designed to strip difficult insulation such as Thin Wall, Shielded, Coax, Teflon, Kynar etc. The Machine’s rotary twin blade action provides a clean square strip that leaves the inner conductor strands neatly twisted. With adjustable Blade Depth, Strip Length and inter changeable Wire Guides the Model 70C Twin Blade is quick and simple to set up. 


This machine offers an efficient and affordable solution for processing hard to strip insulation. Each unit comes Standard with a durable Powder Coat Finish, 1 Year Limited Warrant, (1) P/N 2500 Twin Blade Face Plate and (1) P/N 2021 Wire Guide of your choice.


When the Black Push Plate mounted on the front of the machine is depressed the wire guide bushing moves forward making contact with the back of the stripping blades, swinging the stripping blades to the open position. The wire can now be freely inserted into the machine until it contacts the strip length stop. The Black Push Plate is then slowly released letting the stripping blades swing to the closed position. At this time the wire insulation is cut to a predetermined depth, and is ready to be withdrawn from the machine. When the wire is removed from the machine the unwanted insulation is stripped off to the desired preset strip length.


WIRE SIZE - 0.028“ to 0.265“ Insulated OD (0.7mm-6.7mm)
WIRE GUIDE SIZES - 22 standard sizes 0.028“ to 0.265 (0.7mm-6.7mm)
STRIP LENGTH - 3.00“ max (76.1 mm)
STRIPPING HEAD - 2500 Single Blade Faceplate
BLADE TYPE - 1780 Carbide Blade
BLADE SPRING - 3871 0.031''
VOLTAGE - 115 VAC 60 Hz. 1.4 Amp
DIMENSIONS - 6.125“ H x 4.75 “ W x 10.75“ D
WARRANTY - 1 Year Limited Warranty