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Rotary Collect Magnet Wire Stripper - Model 27F

Model 97f 1Scope of application

The Model 27F is designed to strip Magnet Wire, Coils and Resistor Leads to within 0.031” (0.8mm) of the component body. The rotating slotted Stripping Insert removes the Film Insulation to a neat, clean edge. Strip lengths with the Stop Rod installed are up to 0.625" (16mm) or with the Stop Rod removed up to 2.87" (72mm). Our unique Stripping Inserts are easily changed for various wire gauges and are available in HSS or longer lasting Carbide. 


With the Optional P/N 1939D Flexible Shaft Assembly the Model 27F can be converted from a bench top machine to a more portable unit able to process leads on Heavy Coils. The Model 27F comes Standard with a durable Powder Coat Finish, included is your choice of (1) Stripping Insert.


728 - 20 to 25 AWG (0.81mm to 0.45mm)

732 - 15 to 20 AWG (1.45mm to 0.81mm)

736 - 12 to 15 AWG (3.26mm to 2.05mm)

740 - 8 to 12 AWG (3.26mm to 2.05mm)

744* - 6 to 8 AWG (4.11mm to 3.26mm)

* - Available In Tool Steel only