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Pneumatic Cable Stripper - Model 77E

Model 77e 1Scope of application

The Model 77E Pneumatic Cable Stripper can easily strip difficult extruded type insulations such as those found on High Voltage, Welding, Multi-Conductor and Battery Cables. This unit utilizes a Scaled Strip Length adjustment, plus a Micrometer Control for Blade Depth Settings. The cable being processed is held on center with the stripping blades by means of the Model 77E's unique self-centering cable clamp and inter-changeable wire guide, insuring clean and accurate stripping results. This powerful Pneumatic bench top cable stripper can be equipped with either adjustable V-Blades or cable sized Form Blades, depending on the application. 



The Model 77E is also equipped with a Safety Interlock Guard Switch and is Foot Pedal Activated, which allows for either right or left hand operation. Each machine comes Standard with a durable Powder Coat Finish, 1 Year Limited Warranty, (1) P/N 7630 Wire Guide and your choice of either "V" or Form Blades.


CABLE SIZE - 1.00" Insulated OD Maximum
CYCLE TIME - 3 seconds or less
AIR SUPPLY - 80 to 100 PSI / 5.4 to 6.8 Bar (Clean, Dry Filtered Air Only)
STRIP LENGTH - 4.00" (Longer strips obtainable with multiple cycles)
MATERIAL LENGTH - (MIN) 6.00" plus Strip Length
DIMENSIONS - 8" H x 8" W x 34" L (includes cable stop)
WEIGHT - 54 LBS (~24kg)