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Coax Stripper - Model 74E

Model 74e 1Scope of application

The Model 74E is a versatile triple head Rotary Wire Stripper designed to perform a multitude of different wire stripping tasks. This unit can strip three different size Hookup Wires, small Multi-Conductor Cable, and process a three stage strip on Coax. The machine can be configured with either Single or Twin Blade Face Plates depending on your specific application. 



Change over from one wire to another is quick and easy, simply adjust the Blade Depth, Strip Length and Interchangeable Wire Guide. The Model 74E comes Standard with a durable Powder Coat Finish, choice of Face Plates and Wire Guides.


WIRE SIZE (1877 Single Blade) - 0.028" to 0.201" Insulated OD (0.7mm to 5.1mm)
WIRE SIZE (2500 Twin Blade) - 0.028" to 0.265" Insulated OD (0.7mm to 6.7mm)
STRIP LENGTH - 3.00“ (76.1 mm) Maximum
VOLTAGE - 115 VAC, 60 Hz. 1.4 Amp / 220 VAC, 50Hz, .54 A (optional)
DIMENSIONS - 6.125“ H x 11.750 “ W x 10.75“ D
WARRANTY - 1 Year Limited Warranty