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Feeding machine for sensitive cables – MORA 4

mora4 1Scope of application

The versatile, free-standing device, designed to unwind sensitive cables, electrical and optical wires or other similar materials, delivered on wooden, plastic or cardboard drums. 


The device is equipped with an arm-type cable buffering system and this provides a stabile, adjustable tension of cable being fed to the cutting machine. It is ideally suited for feeding the optical phase to the cutting machine, The device is characterized by intuitive operation and a very simple and stable structure.

Construction and principle of operation

A column-type structure, welded, powder coated. The unwinding unit is driven by a stepper motor, connected directly to the operating shaft by means of a mechanical clutch. Torque is transferred to the cable drum via a quick-acting lock that couples the shaft with the drum. The motor is controlled via an electronic controller with overload protection, by means of a sensor system located on the movable arm of the buffering system whose position determines the speed of the drive motor.
The control unit of the device provides an opportunity to program the dynamics of start and stop of rotational motion. The applied electrical overload protection devices, simple and stable mechanical structure, powder coatings and high quality workmanship ensure long-term use in production conditions.

Technical data

    • power supply: 230V/3A
    • installed power: 0.5 kW
    • empty weight: ~35 kg
    • overall dimensions: 1000/1000/700 mm
    • operating temperature: 5-40 °C
    • type of work: S1
    • unwinding rotational speed: 0-120 rpm
    • drum length: max. 400 mm
    • drum weight with cable: max.15 kg
    • axial drum hole: 30-50 mm

Related documents

  • - Operation and maintenance manual
    - EC declaration of conformity (CE mark)
    - Certificate of quality of welded joints
    - Certificate of effectiveness of neutral earthing

Manufacturer's warranty

The device is covered by the 12 month warranty for correct operation, with the exception of parts subject to natural wear and tear during normal use.


MORA 4 - cable feeding machine (optical phase)